सॉरी आई!!…

आई, सॉरी आज मी घरी रोजच्या सारखं येणार नाहिये. आज तू तुझ्या लेकराची वाट बघू नकोस. एखादा चातक पक्षी जसा पावसाची वाट पाहत असतो तसा आज तू दरवाज्यात उभी राहून रस्त्याकडे डोळे लावून बसू नकोस. इथून पुढे त्या रस्त्यावरुन तुझा बाळ येणार नाहिये. आज सकाळी निघताना तू म्हणाली होतीस की, "बाळा आज नको ना जाऊ... Continue Reading →



Cancer took her away It all started with this news Which at first didn't amuse For I was thoughtfully small And didn't know the severity of it all Until... Cancer took her away As I grew from small to her's Being with her like a cat who purrs She was white, sweet and soft Seeing... Continue Reading →


There are times when your mind battles internally, What to do then? When the battle has no reason and no warriors, When the battle has no sides and no leaders, Just something eating you up internally, What to do then? When you have everyone by your side, Still you feel your heart having that void,... Continue Reading →

Where is SHE?

I was sitting on the porch in the garden area of our house. The mildly flowing breeze was playing with my hairs and cheeks touching them as softly as a feather coming down dancing in the air. Nothing was rushing. Everything around was so soothingly calm. It was as if life had turned into the... Continue Reading →


The CREDIT SCENES Hey guys hope you all loved this short story series The LOVE CATALYST. Some things that I want to share with you regarding this. First and the foremost thing is I received a lot of messages from people who thought this to be a true story in some or the other way... Continue Reading →


The BUTTER  It was the D-DAY as we were attending our chemistry practicals. Chemistry practicals were cool because of the atmosphere there. The teacher incharge would stand in the centre, with everyone around her like some accident had occurred. We both used to stand at the end of this hoard without a care about what... Continue Reading →


The ESSENCE "Heya", I texted Shruti on that boring afternoon.  "Hey! Wassup?", came her unexpectedly instant reply.  "Nothing much re. U say?"  "Tired. I returned today morning from my mini vacation."  "Ohhh! Great. So this is why the boys sulked at college."  "Hahaha! Lol! Stop it Nilay. Nobody is soo eager to wait for me... Continue Reading →


The CONFESSION  It was this superb weather after the mid terms that seemed to make college all the more interesting for me. The sweetly shining sun showering its mild heat added with that cool breeze in the air, "Winter was here". Besides doing the usual notoriety with Darshan added to the fun. Although Darshan seemed... Continue Reading →


The STIMULUS  Being in a junior college without the burden of studying had been the best feeling after those mindsquashing board exams. Attending lectures hadn't been so interesting. We had also learned this bunking phenomenon whilst sneaking out before the next teacher entered. Everything around us gave the feeling of 'MAA TERA BETA BADA HO... Continue Reading →

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