The CREDIT SCENES Hey guys hope you all loved this short story series The LUSTY MYSTERY . Here are few things that I want to share with you about this horror series. First and foremost, this was my first attempt in this genre and this is totally a work of fiction solely a result of... Continue Reading →



CHAPTER 2 - THE VOICES “Come home early today!”,shouted Mom,”and keep your mobile on general mode”, I ignored her and set out….. As I set out on my quest, all sorts of thoughts started peeking in my head. Right from ‘How does she look? What would I do?’ to ‘Am I doing the right thing?... Continue Reading →


CHAPTER 1- THE BEGINNING “Ashwin,bc kidhar kho gaya tu?”(Ashwin,where have you lost?), I cried writhing in an unnatural pain. This adventure had taken on my nerves in literal sense. It felt as if the blood in my veins was about to blast and spill out and splatter just the way the Viper’s head was crushed... Continue Reading →

Vision and What if..?

"Aahh! They are burning a lot. I wish to just dip them in cold water until they calm down.", he said to her as they sat in that wedding hall. "Oh! Do they? Where did your 'NUSTI AAG' (only fire) paradox go now, huh? You wanted it Mr. Pyro!", she replied seeming calm. "Arey yaar!... Continue Reading →

The Wounded HORSES

"Why don't you get off that horse, O king!", she asked looking at him. "I've tried! But unfortunately I can't!", the king sounded dejected. "And why is it so? Look, I have this nice looking, amber eyed, white skinned, fierce white horse. His name is LOVE. You and I can ride together, for a time... Continue Reading →

सॉरी आई!!…

आई, सॉरी आज मी घरी रोजच्या सारखं येणार नाहिये. आज तू तुझ्या लेकराची वाट बघू नकोस. एखादा चातक पक्षी जसा पावसाची वाट पाहत असतो तसा आज तू दरवाज्यात उभी राहून रस्त्याकडे डोळे लावून बसू नकोस. इथून पुढे त्या रस्त्यावरुन तुझा बाळ येणार नाहिये. आज सकाळी निघताना तू म्हणाली होतीस की, "बाळा आज नको ना जाऊ... Continue Reading →


Cancer took her away It all started with this news Which at first didn't amuse For I was thoughtfully small And didn't know the severity of it all Until... Cancer took her away As I grew from small to her's Being with her like a cat who purrs She was white, sweet and soft Seeing... Continue Reading →

Where is SHE?

I was sitting on the porch in the garden area of our house. The mildly flowing breeze was playing with my hairs and cheeks touching them as softly as a feather coming down dancing in the air. Nothing was rushing. Everything around was so soothingly calm. It was as if life had turned into the... Continue Reading →


The CREDIT SCENES Hey guys hope you all loved this short story series The LOVE CATALYST. Some things that I want to share with you regarding this. First and the foremost thing is I received a lot of messages from people who thought this to be a true story in some or the other way... Continue Reading →

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