“Heya”, I texted Shruti on that boring afternoon. 

“Hey! Wassup?”, came her unexpectedly instant reply. 

“Nothing much re. U say?” 

“Tired. I returned today morning from my mini vacation.” 

“Ohhh! Great. So this is why the boys sulked at college.” 

“Hahaha! Lol! Stop it Nilay. Nobody is soo eager to wait for me and besides this was the best time that I had.”

 I hated the ‘LOL’ thing alot but that ‘thike, ladki hai,achi dikhti hai, chalta hai’ thing made me continue.”Ohhoo! U have had a superb tym I guess! Kidhr gyi thi?” 

“Actually it was a native place thing, Kolhapur is where we went. But this time we enjoyed being there. And you know what the higlight of this trip was?” 

Before i could reply anything came a string of messages








Her excitement and enjoyment both were sensed in these 7 letters and I just wanted to listen more. “Sahieee!! Aage bata!” I kept it minimum, eager to listen more. And she continued… 

“Arrree! U must visit this fort. Srsly the climate, the fort, surroundings everything everything mesmerised me to the core. And as always the way our MAHARAJ had built it, all the secretways and stories, they always fill u with a sense of pride that we had techniques that the world didn’t know. And arre the best thing was the chilling drizzle that came there. It wasss the sexiest thing whilst enjoying the fort. I love rains alot and that weather made me miss someone!”

This someone thing made me interrupt her,”Ahem ahem, kisko miss kiyaa??” 

“Ayeee, stop ur wheels. There’s no1 yet but yeah it felt like someone shud have been there. Someone who could click pictures for me when i was engrossed in the beauty of nature. Someone who would do that Yash Chopra movie things of draping something over me when i felt the chills. Someone who would feed me when i was tired enough from the adventure. And someone who would cuddle with me to sleep. Ik I’m being too cheeky but the weather there made my mind wander exctly like this. And yes i missed the spcl sum1”

This one message gave me the existential crisis of GOD. Did he really want me to be the CATALYST? Did he favoured the SETTING? Did he want me to do this CUPIDITY? 

It struck to me that I had forgot to reply Shruti and she was waiting. Her behaviour that day was kind of spooky as she hadn’t been so eager to talk to me before. 

“🙈🙈”, this was all I could reply. 

“Tu kyu sharma raha hai? I didn’t miss U”, and bang came down the world to being normal. 

“I ain’t sharmaing, okay! It’s just that I enjoyed your lovaria in that ecstatic weather on the fort.” I tried being cheeky, ” Acha Shruti what if someone actually existed like your FORT GUY!” 

” Haha! Itni kripa bhagwan ny banake rakhta humpe” she said 

“Arree hum janme hi kaahe hai?” this time I replied without gulping those words. 

“What?? U, the almighty😂?” 

“Naah! It’s like there does exist the FORT GUY and he is one of our classmates.” I said, now, determinant about being the CATALYST. 

“Ummm… Okay! Now I don’t know how to react to this😂! Still, Who is it?” she asked seeming curious this time. 

“Hai koi toh!”, I was loving this suspense thing,”This FORT GUY is, someone u know.” 

“Arre Benedict! Stop this suspense and reveal it once” she seemed annoyed. 

“Not so easily😈. Meet me in the back corridor of college on Thursday.” 

 “Stop this nonsense Nilay! Bata de kon hai? Is it U?”

I was in a fix after this reply. It’s like there are two kinds of guys in this world- first are those who fall for a girl after seeing her, after mentally deciding that she is the one and the second are those who fall for every girl that talks sweetly with them and yeah I proudly belonged to the latter part. 

I could have turned cupid for myself but doing the CUPIDITY for BHAIJAAN seemed more interesting. 
To be continued… 


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