It was one fine rainy day when our colleges had started. The air was filled with the feeling of being a grown up as we walked the pavement to our new college that we were enrolled to. Add to it the blooming essence of the soil in the rains. We here referred to my friend Darshan. Till 10th he was just like any other acquaintance that I had but as soon as the admission process for the junior college got over I was glad that there was atleast someone with me. 

As we entered the class, I was actually thrilled seeing so many new faces and that too without the usual uniform… Everyone had their own styles and attitudes. From a hipster to a nerd, from a heroine to a geek, they were everywhere as if the jungle had organised a huge meeting of the animals living in there. We sneaked through these animals to the third last bench as sitting in the first rows was not our cup of tea and doing the nautankiness was in my blood veins. And then started the bird watching game, Darshan was kind of similar to me so he too joined in the natural process. We looked for every bird on every branch in the class. Some of the faces were familiar and some of them were totally alien to me. This thing went on for three lectures and the bell rang. As soon as the professor stepped out the whole place turned out into some sort of market with different pitches of voices being heard. 

“Chal bahar jaake aate hai! ” said Darshan rhetorically. We walked through our small marketplace looking at faces who looked back at us as if we were people with long noses and big ears. As we moved out through the door, I heard a voice call me,”Hey, Nilay!”. 

Startled with this girly voice we looked back, it was Shruti. She was one of the cutest girl in the class. I knew her as we were in the same classes for 9th but never have had the guts to talk to her. Even here I had watched her but there’s always that thing called “AUKAD KE BAHAR” waali feeling which put barriers in my mind. And here she was, calling me. 

I went upto her and said,”Hey, Shruti right? So you too in this college? “, those were the stupidest words that I could manage at that time, yet she replied smiling,” Yeah! So nice to see you here. Idhr koi bhi pehchan ka ny hai yaar.” My internal demons replied with,”Are hum janme hi kaahe hai?” but I gulped them and said,”I know it sucks. I’m glad I have at least one friend. Actually two now.” 

I know I sucked at building rapports with girls but this was it. 
To be continued… 


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  1. Would love to hear more about that AV. Keep on writing .. I hope ( hardly) in your journey of collage i could make a place too !
    पंचमहाभूतांच लेणं !

    Liked by 1 person

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