She sat there looking through her window whining about how she had missed the plane. A plane which would have taken her to the dream of her life,  a plane which defined her route to enjoyment, a plane which she was eager to get on board. She had travelled places all over the world and this hadn’t happened before. She was a traveller by heart whose soul wished to enjoy every bit of place she visited. Maybe that was the reason she was lost in that view outside the window. 
She lived by the hustle and bustle of the city  where if u peep out of your window, all you could see was the continuous chain of people moving like long rows of ants carrying food, all you could hear was the honking of the vehicles which made the roads invisible, all you could feel was the fading humanity in the world. Yet, her mom saw that her no clutches attached girl was smiling, her brave girl was feeling something. She chose not to disturb her because she knew her girl was not like everyone looking out and waving to some boy or that stuff. She knew her girl, even if had missed her plane would travel to that destination sitting in that hustling city. 

They say god cant be anywhere so he made Mothers and it was true. This here was a mother who never imposed narrow minded restrictions on her daughter. This here was a mother who never tried to cut her daughter’s wings. This here was a mother who let her child fly. And yeah she was right her daughter had lost in a fairyland. 

This girl sitting by the window had her eyes on something straight through the window. For a normal person all you could see there was a tall skyscraper or as in her favorite tv show, an ugly naked guy, but to her she could see the highest point on this Earth.

 The plane which this girl had missed was a plane to a distant land. A land where every year happened a festival. A festival which was a treat to her eyes. A festival which she had planned to go since her childhood. A festival where no one used lightings or crackers but it was mother nature that lightened up the festivities. A festival where every year people gathered to see everything pinkish. It was a time when the cherry blossom was what every person living there craved for. Yeah it was the CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL. 

There she was sitting by the window and viewing the highest peak when suddenly she looked up and lifted her hand as if there was a huge cherry blossom tree above her.  Her eyes had turned pink. She was embracing the flower that smoothly touched her fingers and tingled them. She was feeling the majesty of the everest and the calmness of the cherry blossoms when suddenly a flower fell down upon her. 

There had come a smile on her face. A smile that was a sign that the festival had started, a sign that the cherry blossoms tress had started to paint the land pink, the sign that even in this city the girl had managed to reach to the land of her dreams. 

The window had transformed into a place under a tree, under a cherry blossom tree from where she viewed the majestic everest, from where her tiny little eyes tried to capture the land of her dreams, from where the blossoming had begun. 

From where she returned❤


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